Ladies Kickboxing Class in Gloucester


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GREAT for fitness and Fat Loss

A kickboxing class will boast your endorphins, so you will leave all your worries behind.  It is a win-win situation for you because you will feel great while getting in shape.  The happiness you will feel when you achieve your goals is simply indescribable. You will be achieving success in more than just what the scales say.  People quit going to the gym, not because they do not want the results, but because they get bored.  In our unique kickboxing class, you are learning skills, so you never get bored. Because your body is both your weapon and armour in the martial arts, training regularly with teach you to respect and treat it well.  This means you will learn how to lead a healthier lifestyle, with sufficient rest and fuel up with the right food.  So even though you may start the programme to lose weight, you continue training because you are learning something, and the weight loss is just part of the journey.

Make GREAT friends which will help you become a happier person

The more time you spend training, the more people you will meet and train with.  Who you surround yourself with is who you will become!  Your training partners will be the ones that go through the training sessions with you and encourage you to go beyond your limits while they push their own.  Before you know it, your training buddies might become your best friends both inside and outside the gym.

You may start on this ladies only special class, but after a while you may want to train in the mixed classes as well.  As we have a full time centre we can offer many different classes, and the ladies only class is just another way that we can cater for everyone.

Get in shape and develop mental toughness

As you get stronger both mentally and physically during your kickboxing journey you will notice that you are getting in the best shape of your life.  This will help greatly in your daily life.  You will learn to embrace challenges that life can sometimes bring. Persistence is one of the greatest qualities you will cultivate when you train in the martial arts. You learn to get back up, on your feet whenever you fall, and keep on trying until you master those techniques. This persistence will also help you deal with various obstacles in your daily life. Your own “self-communication” is vital to your success not just in kickboxing, but in everything you do.

Learn REAL Self Defence which will build your confidence

Gloucester is a very safe place to live, but you should not take it for granted.  Training in kickboxing will help you apply the necessary skills to protect yourself and you will feel more at ease while out and about. It is amazing that when you learn just a few moves, you will feel happy that if you needed to, you could defend yourself. When you train regularly you will gain confidence and feel better about the way you look.  Training will help you develop the social skills to mingle and communicate better with different people from all walks of life.

World Champion Instructor

Master Instructor Stephen Thompson has been training in the martial arts since 1979!  He has travelled all over the world competing and won 10 Gold Medals for England.  He is currently training towards his 7th Dan in Karate.  Being Team Captain for over 12 years, he loved helping the team achieve success. Now his focus is on helping students become the best they can be in his home town of Gloucester.  





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