Lean & Fit in Gloucester

The SIX WEEK FAT BURNING workout, that is FUN!

Padwork Fun

Over six weeks, you will  be working on pads. They are a MASSIVE part of the class.  You will be hitting pads for most of the class.  We have many different pads, some are hand held and some are free standing.  Hitting the pads gives a great resistance style training to really tone up your body. 

15 Rounds = Lean & Fit

In the class you will do 15 rounds of fat blasting.  Some of the rounds are on bags, some are using your own bodyweight to tone.  Every round last for 1 minute, which does not sound long but when done with intensity, it is a whole different story.  The course is only 6 weeks long, but of course you can do as many courses as you wish.

Focused Intensive Training

This workout is not a long drawn out class.  You will be training in short, full intensity burst.  This is a much better way to train, compared to the hours people spend on CV equipment.  One round on the bag, the next on the floor, next on the bag and so on.

Kickboxing Coaches

The real reason that this class works is the coaches.  They are not just aerobic instructors that have gone on a weekend cardio kickboxing class.  They are real kickboxers, that have been in the ring and won titles.  They are teaching you real kickboxing moves.  They are also qualified personal trainers, and help you to stay in the class, and push you so you GET RESULTS!  Every class is like a personal training session!

Which Is Best? Cardio Kickboxing or PADFIT43

Over the years there has been many different cardio kickboxing systems.  Lean and Fit, Tae Bo, Turbo Fire to name a few.  What makes Padfit43 so different?  Stephen Thompson has trained in all these systems, and the one thing that he believes is missing is the “real” kickboxing moves.  Doing a roundkick on a bad for fitness is totally different when you are doing it for real.  So the outcome of the class is to get in shape, but with the added benefit of learning real self defence skills!

Lean, Fit, Fat Loss, Self Defence – Thats Padfit43!

What is Padfit43?

Padfit43 is broken into three parts.  PAD = padwork, a massive part of the class.  FIT – is what you become when you do the class.  43 indicate that the class is for 30 minutes!

World Champion Instructor

Master Instructor Stephen Thompson has been training in the martial arts since 1979!  He has travelled all over the world competing and won 10 Gold Medals for England.  He is currently training towards his 7th Dan in Karate.  Being Team Captain for over 12 years, he loved helping the team achieve success. Now his focus is on helping students become the best they can be in his home town of Gloucester.  

Over 1000 calories burns in a class!




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