How You Interact With Others Determines The Quality Of Your Life

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Who We Surround Ourselves With Is Who We Become 

If you want your child to be more popular and better rounded socially then we need to discuss acceptance. Many people think of acceptance as how someone is looked upon or taken in by a group. But acceptance isn’t just weather you are invited into a group but how YOU graciously accept those around you.

If you take it a step further, I think another word we need to use to help us understand how this is accomplished is the word prejudice-which is to prejudge. What the martial experience does in a good Martial Arts academy is allow the student to realise that they have to check those prejudices at the door.

We have to be more accepting of the people around us and we have to be more accepting in terms of what we’re able and capable of doing at the time. We have to be judgmental in terms of judging how prejudice we actually are.

Every child has a predisposition of how they think the world works. And in many cases, it doesn’t work as well as the parent would like. Children, based on how they feel about themselves will automatically categorise whom to bring into to their lives. As a result of this, they begin to make different choices about who to become friends with.

Who we decide to be friends with is quite simple

We decide to become friends with people who are like us

However, if we measure how alike they are to us, in many cases we will discount a large number of people who could perhaps improve the quality of our lives. So the martial experience in our academy is this: We’re all in this together.

And regardless of whom your child is in class with or who they’re asked to interact with-no judgment is passed. And our job is to find the good and overlook the bad. Children are taught everything and what we do in our academy is teach them to feel differently about themselves by not only accepting what they do but accepting the differences of others.

Now, that’s not to suggest that it’s okay to be made to feel bad by the actions of others or to be the target of a bully. But it is to suggest as you feel better about yourself through our Martial Arts class experience you begin to behave differently in the real world. And that changes your experience.

You see, as a child’s behaviour improves, as the grades improve, as his physical fitness and overall health improve, as his self-confidence and self-esteem improve that allows the child to interact with a better group of children.

How To Beat The Bully

Bullies don’t happen to randomly pick a child; they select one and the selection process for a bully deciding to choose a youngster, your child, as a victim is simple. Based on how they behave, they act, they interact and based on how they look to a bully determines whether another child is an easy target or not.

So how a person interacts with others determines the quality of your life. You’re never, not communicating to others how to treat you. The social anthropologist Edward T. Hall claims that 60 percent of all communication is nonverbal. And that only 7 percent of communication is the words we choose. The rest is our tone and body language.

So the real way you communicate with the world around you is through your body language. Body language represents roughly 60% of the communication experience. Just how a student is taught to handle themselves physically sends off an entirely different message to everyone.

I can walk into a classroom and in a matter of moments I can tell you who is and who isn’t a bully. I can tell you who does well in school and who doesn’t.

Our bodies speak so loudly people can’t hear a word we’re saying

By improving your child’s handle on his physical body and changing their body language it allows a child to become a more powerful communicator by being not just more disciplined but perhaps demonstrative in how they express themselves
physically. This makes their life easier, makes them stronger and more powerful in all areas of their life.

Do you know how most children learn a language? Most children simply emulate and follow examples that are given to them through the media and television, movies, how the neighbours talk, what their mum says and unfortunately in many cases that’s not going to serve a youngster in every social situation.  

So for example, if a child thinks that the words he uses have to be ‘hip’ that’s going to make a different impression than the child who realises that the words they use are designed to communicate specific ideas.

Today there are so many non-words used. I’m sure you’ve heard children today use words like “dude”, “cool”, and “what’s up”- all of which mean nothing.

In our Martial Arts experience we actually use a discipline regiment of verbal etiquette for how we interact with each other that gives our students a great model to copy in terms of words, language and communication.

Teaching voice emulation is important. For
example, when a child sees in a class experience how I am commanding the attention of the class by how and what I say to the students, they’ll want to copy that. Why is this so important you ask? Because the danger is that most children don’t see a great example and are copying the likes of actors and rap stars. Children are acting, sounding even imitating people such as Eminem and 50 Cent and that’s not good.

As a child emulates my example as far as how I physically position myself, how I interact, how I maintain eye contact, how I graciously shake hands they copy that. And as a result, they are in fact perceived differently in all areas of their own life.

Proper Martial Arts training changes everything in terms of how a youngster is perceived.

Think About This…

You know, we talk about the idea of you wanting your child to be more self – assured and more confident in having gained the ability to make better decisions. We all want to have children who are more health-minded, more safety-minded and able to make sound decisions.

Well, how do you accomplish that with your child?

Just by enrolling a child in our starter programme you actually solidify the idea within that child’s mind’s eye that you actually believe they can do this.

This is very important to understand

By enrolling the child in a Martial Arts programme you are telling the child, “John, you’re going to do well at this.” We of course, totally back you up with this.

There is a catch…in order to use Martial Arts as a vehicle to improve all areas of your child’s life you have to recognise that the programme only works as well as that programme is supported.

See, as I mentioned earlier, there are 168 hours in a week. My job is to train your child for about two of those hours. Your job is to complement our training the other 166 hours by encouraging your youngster, by reminding him of the lessons that they learned in class, by reiterating to them that a future black belt isn’t someone who waits until the last minute to do what they are told. A future black belt is somebody that says yes miss, yes sir the first time they’re asked to do something.

So by providing a Martial Arts experience for your child you’re able to compliment what the instructor has done on the academies practice floor. During the rest of the week you will actually help increase the impact of the programme, which helps your child.  A real win-win situation.

Not all Martial Arts academies are equal. The difference between one Martial Arts academy and another is not what they teach. They all teach Martial Arts. The difference is how they teach it. Whatever an instructor decides to teach is what they teach, I call that the content. And all Martial Arts content is similar.

Now we know there are many different systems of Martial Arts out there. However, it all boils down to one thing: how you teach what you teach. That’s called the context.  All schools may be equal as far as their knowledge and their ability to appreciate what content they would like to deliver, they are unequal in their ability to actually teach the material and that’s the context.

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